Ocean Cruises

Cruising – A Popular Choice!

Most travel club directors include at least one cruise in their annual travel schedule. They know that cruising is the way that many of their customers prefer to vacation. The convenience of unpacking only once and having the world brought to your front door is appealing to travelers of all ages.

Cruise Ships Large and Small

Choose a cruise on a large ocean liner complete with an expansive casino, numerous dining options and Broadway-style shows or choose a smaller and more intimate ship where active days of sightseeing are followed by evenings with open seating dining and local entertainment.

Cruise Ships and Destinations

The number of cruise options available seem to be almost endless. Let us know about an area of the world that you would like to visit.  We’ll research all of the ships, itineraries and group pricing available and give you the best options.

Included Shore Excursions

Some of our group leaders request that we include private shore excursions in their cruise packages. This not only provides a more exclusive experience for their travelers but it also makes their package a much better value. We offer incredible port tours for a fraction of the price that is charged by the cruise lines.  Group leaders can spend more time with their group members when everyone travels together while in port.