Partnering Program

Eliminate the Struggle

Travel club directors who have struggled in the past to meet a required minimum number of passengers LOVE our Partnering Program. We selectively match non-competing travel clubs to assure the success of the trip. Our Partnering Program is always a win-win situation.

How it Works

At the time of planning a partnered trip, we work with both group leaders to establish a comfortable minimum number on which to base the trip. As long as the combined reservations reach that minimum, the trip goes!  Both group leaders receive a complimentary trip even if one of the group leaders only has a few people.

Requesting a Partner

If you would like to participate in our Partnering Program, just let us know where your group would like to go and we’ll find you the perfect partner group.  We can also send you our Partner Opportunity list that shows all the trips currently available for a partner group.