Ann Blumberg, Community State Bank

December 17th, 2018 by Kevin Davis

Our bank group started using CTW when our PEER Group scheduled an all-inclusive stay to Jamaica with CTW. I was just positive none of our travelers would want this trip, so I scheduled a Western Caribbean Cruise with CTW. The two trips overlapped by a day and that would have been a problem, but the bank hired a coworker for the Club. Jamaica sold well as did the cruise. Angela went with the group to Jamaica and had a marvelous time. I took the group to New Orleans and the cruise and we had an outstanding time. Since those two trips, we have used CTW a lot. We did the Christmas Markets on the Danube and Italy, both fabulous, well organized adventures. We are now using CTW for our Mediterranean Cruise, Croatian Cruise and a small ship through the Panama Canal. Thank you  Anne, Jennifer, and Maryann.

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